The cottage is located at the edge of the thin forest approx. 200 m from the Dolní Mrzatec pond.

Equipment in the cottage

The cottage has two identical parts. In each part there is a fireplace, seating arrangement and the stairs into the attic with 4 beds. In the attic there is „not enough place for dancing“, but you can sleep comfortably there. On the main floor there is a table some chairs, a couch (the fifth bed), a kitchennette with dishes, a gas stove. About 20 m there is an outhouse. Water is supplied in cans. You can refill it anytime in the kitchennette in the camp or from a nearby (500 m away) spring called Anička. Fell free to have a shower in the bathrooms (15 minutes by walk) intended for our camp guests. Have fun in the inflatable boat on the Dolní Mrzatec pond. There is a fire pit, a small voleyball court and a makeshift smoke house. The cottage is accessible by car using a country road. There is NO electricity in the cottage.

Price list

Rental cottages offer a one-week stay for 4200 CZK for one part (ie CZK 600 per night), if staying less than 5 nights the price is 750 CZK per night for single occupancy of up to 4 persons. For a fifth person charge + 50 CZK. We accept orders for stays of 2 nights. You can order on-line booking form on the home page