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My name is Anička and I am going to tell you something about myself.

I have got two brothers - Tomáš and Filip.

Tomáš is a grown up and attends school in the city of Brno. When he comes home, he eats and sleeps  a lot, plays the guitar or a PC or he does archery.


Filip goes to school in town of Telč and  buggs me. He plays table tennis, goes to the bee house and from wax he makes candles in the shape of houses or trees. Feel free to have a look at those things. He also tried to make home made soap.
I also want to attend school, but right now I only go to the Kindergarten.

My mom Dana takes care of the guests and the family. She enjoys dancing and jogging. My mom often takes me to Brno to visit my grandparents.

Anička na kole


My grandmother Mařenka (Mary) is in charge of feeding the cats and about 20 hens. It is me who collects the eggs. When we have surplus of the eggs, my grandma sells the eggs. We have two cats - Mother Ball and her kitten Minda who lets me stroke her.



My uncle Pavel is a blacksmith and takes care of the sheep and bees and commutes from nearby town of Telč. Sometimes he brings my cousin Matouš and we play all day long or we help  a bit, for example we rake the leaves.


Děda Standa pěstuje ve foliáku rajčata a okurky a chodí do lesa s flintou. V zimě spolu chodíme do lesa dát srnečkám seno (bez flinty). Když má děda čas, opravuje rozbité věci nebo něco vyrábí ze dřeva, třeba hrkačky na velikonoce nebo lavičky..




Sometimes Pavel brings my cousin Matouš and we play all day long or we help a bit, for example we rake the leaves.







We have lots of sheep - white sheep with black heads and 6 brown sheep for fun. They love eating stale bread and I often feed them. They come from Africa, from Cameroon. Their names are:  Julie, Zuzana, Rozárka, Cecilka, Vendulka a and the ram called Mikeš who takes care of his harem, but he does not butt us. The white ones graze on the pastures and when we want to do something with them, we have to force them to the small corrals.


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