Interpretation Trail

Active movement - learning - enjoyment

I had been thinking for several years about an idea how I could explain several things (bee keeping, ponds, sheep farming, fish, flora) in and around farm to our guests. Then I had a chance to apply for a EU grant. After several delays of finalizing the project, finally at the end of 2010 we managed to install all stops along the Interpretation Trail which has been serving to the tourists since spring 2011.

Along the 2 km long Interpretation Trail there are several stops where you can learn about sheep farming, bee keeping, ponds and fish, orchids or other protected plants, how to protect the Štamberk Natural Reserve and the "rocky sea outcrop, which can be found behind the village. Along the trial we have installed two benches for the rest.

The Interpretation Trail starts at the lower part of the village, then is passes the farms and barns, pastures, beehives, continues along the small Servác pond, passes the animal feeder, along the  pastures brings you back to village Lhotka. It ends at the edge of Štamberk Natural Reserve and the "rocky sea" outcrop, where you can find the last Interpretation Stop. The map is here: 

Interpretation Trail

Poznávací stezka okolo Lhotky



Stezka v zimě


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