Village Lhotka

Village Lhotka is situated 5 km north west of town of Telč, at the edge of a large forested area  (5000 ha), with the Javořice Mt. (837 m above sea level) as a dominant in the Czech Moravian Highlands).

The village was first mentioned in 1350, although we can assume that it was established much earlier.  Originally the village was part of the Šternberk Castle (nowadays Štamberk) but after it was seized by the Hussites in 1423 and after several changing  its hands since 1580 it was part of the Nobility from Mrákotín. At that time only 4 people lived there. 4 estate owners: Václav Pejčoch, Ambrož, Budek and Blažek." and after the "30 Years War" there were: Hamerník, Budek, Hrádek and Pejčoch".  (Jan Tiray, Vlastivěda moravská - Telecký okres, 1913)

Until recently our farmhouse was called "U Pejčochů" and therefore we dare to say that our farmhouse has been here for over 400 years.

Since 1990 the village Lhotka is an independent village with about 90 inhabitants and thanks to the fact that we "administer everything by ourselves" we have a nice life here. If you do not believe it, come and  visit.


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