Rope Climbing Centre in Javorice

Welcome to the only one Rope Climbing  Centre in the Telc region

We opened the Rope Climbing Centre with 9 obstacles on 1 June 2013. The names of the obstacles are: balancing beam, tram, Amazon passage, swamp, stir-ups, rein, zig-zag and skateboard. At the end you of the climbing path can go down the big slide, which is also accessible for non-climbers.


The climbers' safety is provided by self-belaying. The climber wears  the climber's seat, with two spring hooks on the steel wire. The climber  proceeds from one platform to the other one by unbelaying and belaying.

In case of emergency all instructors are trained how to rescue the climber if he/she gets stuck and is not able to get to any platform. (the instructor who trained us has never experienced such a situation yet but "what if". The conditions during training were difficult, it was raining, but we all agreed on saying "It's hard on the training ground, in the fight easily," well, you can rely on us.

Location and the other photos

The Rope Climbing Centre is located on the premises of the Eco agro Javorice farm, click on this LINK. To see more pictures from the Climbing Center, click here.

Price of the Rope Climbing Centre

Adult from (15 and up)
100 Kč
Kids under 140 cm till 15 years of age
80 Kč
Family pass (2 adults  and 2 kids)
320 Kč
Family pass (2 adults  and 3 kids)
350 Kč
Group pass for 10 people and more
á 75 Kč
Instructor's assistance, mainly for the kids smaller than 140 cm
80 Kč

For our guests and the Lhotka inhabitants a 20

Opening hours:

May, June, September
July, Augus
daily 10 - 12 AM 2 - to 6 PM

Outside these hours we open the Centre upon the phone call or via an email order which we must confirm to you.

Phone number +420 776 158 581 or land line +420 567 317 111

The climbing instructors

Ten people (from my family Dana, Petr, Tomas, Filip) and extra helpers Misa, Lea, Petra, Honza, Krystof and Martin are trained climbing instructors

Other activities

Other attractions - trampoline, archery, table tennis, stilts, petanque, darts, air gun shooting and volleyball are prepared for the climbers here.


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