What home made products can you buy from us?

We believe you do not want just to spend a night at our place, but to enjoy your stay in the country and that is why we would like to make you happy by offering something tangible. Those are either our home made products or products from our own raw materials or home made somewhere else. Well, have a look at our assortment:

HoneyMed a medovina
My brother Pavel takes care of the bees and sells honey. Light (rape-seed), darker - mixed honey (flower bloom) and dark (forest). The honey is drawn since half May until July. The most suitable period of sale of honey is after this time.
In 2013/2014 we sell honey at 120 CZK/1 kg. We also sell honey enriched alcohol called MEDOVINA which is made by our friend, a bee keeper from the neighboring village.
We have a large garden with many fruit trees and therefore we harvest lots of fruits. It is possible to pick cherries in summer.  You may pick or buy plums, apples and pears. The remaining fruit, which has not been eaten or sold is taken  to a distillery. We distill very popular slivovitz (plum brandy), and it never goes bad. When my father is in a good mood, he distills walnuts or cranes or after adding honey, delicious drink called MEDOVICE drink is made. 
Fruit prices: about 10 CZK/kg (your own harvest) , selected fruit or better varieties may be little a bit more expensive (up to 20 CZK/kg). In case of surplus, the price goes down. But we have no power to influence the bad years. We do not use fertilizers, neither our fruits have been chemically treated and therefore we are labelled ECO FARMING FARM. Since this year we are certified to use BIO label.
Apple and pear cidersOvocné mošty
We have been cooperating for several years with the Šicner Fruit Cider in Krahulčí where they produce excellent cider from our apples or pears. Come and sample or buy some.  Cider is sold in 0,7 liter bottles and it lasts till the next harvest. Our specialty is cider from different fruits - black crane, elder berries or  current). These are not for sale, only for sampling.
Holiday should not be only an experience but also a tasting experience. Quality first-rate wines and attributive wine come from the wine cellar Rybniky and the Znojmo wine region.
The stock in our cellar changes constantly, so we do not always have all sorts of wine. The assortment and prices depend on the latest supply. Price list.
All kinds of drinks-soft drinks, mineral water, drafted soft drink ZONKA and drafted Bernard beer (light, semi dark an 11 degree beer and bottled 10 degree Bernard beer, beer specials and Pilsner beer are for sale. 
Other useful products
We sell picture postcards of our village, tourists maps and tourist guides.


Breeding-lambsPlemenní berani SUFFOLK
We are glad to be able to sell lambs for breeding. Small rams for breeding must comply with strict criteria. However, only one quarter of them, complies with those regulations.
Details on our herd and about the Suffolk breed.
Lambs for the slaughter
Our sheep are bred for their meat. We provide:
-  Lamb slaughter for BBQ.
- To sell a live lamb at 50 CZK per kg (life weight), average slaughter weight is  40 kg.
- To sell mutton meat (fresh or frozen), at CZK 120 CZK per kg, other cuts from CZK 80 (ribs)  CZK 150(rump)/kg. Rožnění jehněte
We sell tow sheepskin  at CZK 660 pc
Woolen blankets
From the wool we have the woolen quilt blankets made which are comfortable for sleeping. We also sell woolen pillows and sheets for those who like the heat from below. Woolen eiderdown 135 x 200 cm 2 kg of wool costs CZK 1.190, less wool  (1,5 kg of wool CZK 1.090, pillow90 x 70 cm CZK  590. For tall persons we sell blankets 220 x 135 cm at CZK 1.290 (less wool  CZK 1.220). All blankets with a single color of prewashed inner (pink or beige). 
Candles from beeswax Candles from beeswax
Our Filip likes to experiment and so he set to work with beeswax. The result of his efforts are candles that look good and yet it smells good.


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