The Javořice camp

Karavany na první teraseWe run the camp in our garden (area 0.35 ha). The campers can use the wheelchair accessible bathrooms with shower, basin, toilet, every 4x) sinks, fridge with a freezer. Access to bathroom facilities, one (women) shower and WC are equipped according to the requirements of physically handicapped persons.


Koupelna kempuOne floor below the bathrooms there is a smoke free clubroom  (wine bar), which also serves as a reception room, playroom for children and bar (we serve the local soft drink ZONKA and Bernard beer 11 degree - bright and semi-dark ). Hanka is in charge of the reception and the bar.

The grown up trees in the garden provide nice shade in the summer. You can also hide in the shade coming from the nearby small forest.

There is a fire pit, volleyball court and the 100 m long Rope Climbing Center in the northwest corner of the garden.

Each camper has about 80 m2 site for a tent, parking space for a car or other vehicle.

Thanks to the slightly sloped garden with easily permeable soil with terraces, the garden provides lots of horizontal space and there are no floods or wet areas.


Kuchyňský kout v kempuIn case of self-catering, sinks, stove, kettle and fridge is available. Feel free to order fresh bakery from us.

Upon an agreement we provide breakfast or supper /try the local food/ or try the local POD STAMBERKEM Restaurant 100 m away serving dishes (from noon till 8 PM).



Společenská místnost pro kemp - vinárnaKemp je vybavený i přípojkami elektřiny, připojovací sloupky jsou tři - na spodním a horním okraji plochy a uprostřed. Na krajích jsou k dispozici běžné české zásuvky 220 V, uprostřed je stojan s modrými EURO zásuvkami (samozřejmě také 220 V). Redukce k zapůjčení máme. Na horním a dolním konci je i kohoutek s vodou.


The camp is open from 1 May till 15 October.


60 CZK
children up to 12 years
30 CZK
big tent, caravan, camper
100 CZK
smal tent
60 CZK
40 CZK
40 CZK
dog, moto
20 CZK


Out of season we provide a 20% discount for 3 nights and longer stay. The main season runs from 5 July till 23 August. If you are a group of 8 and more people, please make a booking. It is not necessary to make a booking for one tent; we always find some place for you.

Stan v kempu Javořice

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